Deep Sequencing Core Facility



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Overview of Services

The Deep Sequencing Core Facility was established in September 2010 to provide the Neuenheimer Feld Campus with access to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). We provide the possibility to construct libraries for sequencing with the focus not only on the „standard“ application but to help establish custom protocols which can be of benefit to the whole campus.

Sequencing is available on a variety of instruments all based on the Illumina Sequencing by Synthesis technology. In addition to library preparation and sequencing we also can help you with planning your sequencing experiment and offer advice on your project.

Facility Contact

Scientists interested in using the facility are welcome to contact us by mail at:

Location and hours of operation

Hours - Open Hours - Staffed Location

Mon-Fri: 9:30-12:00;

Mon, Wed-Fri:



12:30 - 15:30


Mon, Wed-Fri:




Deep Sequencing Facility

Im Neuenheimer Feld 267

Zi 606 6.OG

69120 Heidelberg


Name Role Phone Email Location
David Ibberson
Head of Facility
06221 54 51359 / 51369
Zi. 542/606
Bianka Berki
Spatial Omics Specialist
06221 54 51359 / 51369
Zi. 542/606